A hOme timepiece comes with a two year warranty from the original date of purchase at an authorized hOme dealer.
We guarantee that your hOme timepiece left our factory with no defects in materials or workmanship, and warrant the dependable functioning of its movement for a period of two years after the initial date of purchase. If your hOme timepiece malfunctions within the two year period of warranty, the repair (or replacement) will be made at no cost to you.




In case of problems, you can either bring your watch where you originally purchased it, or fill in the service form on our online service center page to contact our nearest partner for assistance.
Beforehand, make sure you own a valid proof of purchase for any hOme watch that requires our attention.




What this warranty does not cover: the life of the battery, alteration of the colour and/or material of non-metallic straps and chains such as leather, textile, rubber; internal or external damage resulting from an unscrewed crown, accidents, mishandling or abusive use (i.e., knocks, dents, crushing, contact with moisture – including, but not limited to, “Hot Tubs”, “Jacuzzis”, “Saunas”, etc.), or the consequences of normal wear and ageing of the timepiece (i.e., scratches and abrasions of the crystal, case, metal or leather band, buckle); unauthorized alterations, tampering, manipulation, mistreatment, or modification through the addition or substitution of parts or accessories not supplied by hOme; repairs made by unqualified third-parties or non-authorized dealers; and the use of batteries other than those prescribed by hOme.

NOTE: Your hOme warranty is void unless you can provide an official dated proof of purchase.



hOme strongly recommends against introducing your timepiece to environments where both heat and moisture are present (e.g., “Hot Tubs”, “Jacuzzis” or “Saunas”). The combination of heat and moisture can adversely affect the seals and gaskets in your timepiece. Failing to adhere to the aforementioned precaution voids your hOme warranty.




→ Temperature: Do not expose your watch to sudden temperature changes or extreme temperatures [over 60°C (140°F) or below 0°C (32°F)].
→ Magnetic fields: Do not expose your watch to intense magnetic fields such as loudspeakers, portable telephones, computer or refrigerators and other electromagnetic appliances.
→ Harmful products: Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetic products etc., since they may damage the band, the case or the gaskets.
→ Care & checks: Clean the case and band regularly using a soft cloth to prevent any corrosion caused by perspiration; we also advise that the watch should be taken off during sleep to allow moisture to evaporate.
→ Battery: A worn-out battery should be replaced immediately in order to reduce the risk of leakage and consequent damage to the movement.


Battery type for all hOme models: 371, ø 9.50mm, H 2.10mm




Any type of leather band, no matter how expensive it is, has a limited lifetime which can be estimated to approximately 6 months. The lifetime of a leather band will depend on the intensity of its use and care. Leather bands are not included in the warranty, but they are replaceable.





This symbol indicates that this product should not be disposed with household waste. It has to be returned to a local authorized collection system, or dealer. By following this procedure you will contribute to the protection of the environment and human health. The recycling of the materials will help conserve natural resources.





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